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《Series Works Titled Charm of the Divine Land》
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update time : 2016-01-02

          The series works titled Charm of the Divine Land are displayed in our library.

        Oil painting is a kind of visual art with deep cultural deposits. The series works, consisting of four oil paintings, i.e. "Spring Rain in the Area South of Yangtze River" "Summertime in the Orient", "Autumn Wind in the Western Regions"and "Cold Snow in the North" which are combined to reflect the artistic purport of the series, are created by four oil painters, First Class Artists Qiu Ruimin, Shi Qiren and Zhang Zhenggang and Third Class Artist Yin Xiong of Shanghai Institute of Oil Painting and Sculpture. The works show surpassingly beautiful natural landscape to reflect the magnificent and strange rivers and mountains of our country. By carefully comparing and looking into the paintings, we can see that they cover four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter), four regions (east, west, south and north) and four weathers (wind, sunlight, rain and snow). "Endless Sky and Land and Ever Eternity"reveals the clear understanding of the infiniteness of time and space. The solid keynote and positive feelings reflected by the series works expose the creators’ rational thinking, open mind and modern thoughts: only human is the master of all!

Spring Rain in the Area South of Yangtze River

Summertime in the Orient

Autumn Wind in the Western Regions


Cold Snow in the North