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Our CourtWins the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Organizational Work over Thirty Years”and the “ThirtiethAdvanced Award for Organizational Work” at the National Courts Academic Session
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update time : 2019-07-23
  Recently, our court was awarded the bronze prize of the“Outstanding Contribution Award for Organizational Work over Thirty Years of the National Courts Academic Session”and the “Advanced Award for Organizational Work of the 30thNational Courts Academic Session” by the Supreme People’s Court. The National Courts Academic Session is the highest-level academic seminar organized by the Supreme People’s Court. Since 2010, a total of 42 people and 29 applied research papers of our court have won prizes of the Supreme People’s Court level, including 15 second prizes; and 91 people and 68 papers that have won prizes of Shanghai court level. Our court has won the Advanced Award for National Court Organization Work for 3 times and the Advanced Award for Shanghai Court Organization Work for 10 consecutive years, ranking among the topnot only in Shanghai but across the country. We owe these achievements to the following measures: the first is toprovide “step-by-step” guidance by leaders.The Party Leadership Group of our court has always taken the applied legal research ability as an important reference factor for evaluating the comprehensive ability of our staff, especially young staff, to encourage the integration of knowledge and practice and enhance professionalism. Every year when the academic seminar gets started, the leaders of our court will make efforts to mobilize other staff to cheer for the participants. They also collaboratewith the young staff in writing papers, setting an example for them. The second is to provide “one-on-one” assistance. The functional departments has carefully planned the organization and ensured the quality of the papers by organization and mobilization, special training, expert guidance outside the court, one-on-one paper revision, communication, recommendation and other process nodes. Each court officehas attentively assigned paper tasks to persons and created favorable conditions for the writing of papers.The third is to give “point-to-point” encouragement.Our court has focused on exploring the research expertise of young staff,provided key guidance and individualized training, and actively built a platform for them to participate in academic activities such as case studies and lectures by experts. The academic seminar work has been an important plus for the daily investigation and assessment of the staff and regular management has been implemented to grant performance awards and honors to the award-winning staff.